Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year! Old Challenges!! New beginning!!!

Seasons greetings!

We wish everyone Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Pongal/Sankranthi.

It's quite sometime since the last post was made in this blog.  No new things happened in our site; so, nothing more to report.  The New Year brings us to re-group once again and look at the various challenges before us.

i) It has been complained that some heavy vehicles have been passing through our layout roads regularly for dumping sewerage at the other end of the layout and due to this, some of the roads in the layout have become unmotorable.

ii) Laying of electric poles on these approach roads is also not happening despite several promises, probably indicating that the approach road issue is still lingering.

iii) The much-promised bridge to connect to the other side of the river to enable access to the service road appears to be only a dream, atleast in the near future, considering the cost involved and the efforts needed to break the bureaucracy-barrier.

iv) No remarkable development work could be carried out whether getting houses built or laying of roads or getting power connection or planting of avenue trees, despite efforts.

We hope and pray that the New Year 2013 would clear all these hurdles and we will be able to make some progress.

Wishing you all the best year ahead,

Some of our readers have been requesting for links to the layouts.  So we have provided the links below.

Click here to view the layout map of Phase I

Click here to view the layout map of Phase II

Blog team.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sellers and Buyers of Residential Plots in PKVM Nagar contact here

Some people have evinced interest in buying plots in our Porur Kundrathur Vijayam Maha Nagar (PKVM Nagar) layout.  Plot owners interested in selling his/her plots may post their details like plot no., size, expected price, your email id and mobile no.   We can help you in identifying suitable buyer for you.

With the best wishes,

You can mail to
Blog team

Friday, December 30, 2011

Sellers and Buyers of Residential Plots in PKVM Nagar contact here

Plot owners intending to sell their residential plots in Porur Kundrathur Vijayam Maha Nagar in Kundrathur may post their details here. They may give the name, phone no., email id, plot no., phase, approx. value they expect.

Plot owners intending to buy residential plots in Porur Kundrathur Vijayam Maha Nagar in Kundrathur may also post their requirements here. They may give their name, phone no., email id, approx. price.

Hope people make use of this opportunity and we would be able to provide a special platform for buying and selling plots only in our layout.

ALL the BEST to all of YOU.

Blog team


Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year 2012.

It's almost 8 years since our layout got its approval from CMDA.  But most of the problems still remain to be solved.  Let's resolve to get the following issues resolved in 2012.

1. To solve the approach road issue (approac from Kundrathur-Thirumudivakkam road) once for all.
2. To get a connection from Mehta Nagar and Manikandan Nagar.
3. To try to build a bridge across the river to get a connectivity to the service road.
4. To have atleast 10 houses built.
5. To plant avenue trees across all the 40 feet road
6. To survey the parks, community hall surveyed by a licensed surveyor and secure it.
7. To sort out any encroaching issue.

Every one of us try to do one's best.  Let's all share the work and take responsibilities.

We shall encourage buying and selling of plots in this layout; as the chances of new buyers constructing a house is more compared to the original buyer.

For this purpose, let's use this forum also, if need be, to help identify the buyers and sellers only with respect to our layout.

Best wishes for a bright new year ahead.

Blog team

Friday, January 28, 2011

Letter dated 21st January, 2011 of Secretary

The following is the text of the letter dated 21st January, 2011 of the Secretary to the Association convening an Emergency Meeting of members of the Association on Sunday, the 30th January, 2011 at 3.00 p.m.  at PKVM Nagar.

21st January 2011

Dear Member,
Sub: Emergency meeting of Members of the Association in PKV Mahanagar.
At the outset, we wish the Members A HAPPY, PROSPEROUS, HEALTHY AND WEALTHY NEW YEAR 2011.
The Executive Committee Members of the Association deliberated in detail in their meeting held on 9th January 2011 and decided to hold an emergency meeting of the Members of the Association at the PKV Mahanagar at 3.00 p.m. on Sunday, the 30th January 2011.  The highlights are: 
  1. First Bhoomi Pooja in the Nagar:  To congratulate Mr. Krishnamoorthy, (owner of  plot nos. 206 and 207 in Phase I), who will be doing boomi pooja at 10.00 a.m. on 26th January 2011.  We welcome  Members of our Association  for the boomi pooja.  Members  who are unable to come may convey their best wishes to him on his mobile (98405 75474). 
  2. To discuss on the following points:
(a)    Laying electric poles up to our Nagar
(b)   Installation of street lights
(c)    Security arrangements on behalf of the Association
(d)   Signage in the Nagar
(e)   Laying of concrete boundary stones, its painting and numbering
(f)     Purchase of a land for the Association
(g)    Laying of road up to and in the Nagar
(h)   Building of bridge across the river as approach to service road of Bye Pass Road
(i)     Position of creating additional  approach roads
(j)     Position of laying oil pipeline by Indian Oil Corporation
(k)    Developments adjoining our Nagar
(l)     Patta to those who had applied through the Association
(m) Construction of flats on ownership basis through Builders
(n)   Formation of a Consultative Committee for development of the Nagar
(o)   Issues raised by a group of Members of the Association through e mail on matters such as change of leadership, handling of funds of the Association,  need for the Association to purchase a land, electric supply/lights, laying of roads and  bridge on our own, oil pipe line, etc.  (I have spoken to the Moderator of this e mail group to ensure their compulsory participation in the meeting).
(3)    Dues to the Association:  Details of dues payable by you to the Association are furnished below.  Kindly  make payment by way of a cheque in favour of the Association at the earliest.   Patta to Members have been dispatched from Tahsildar’s Office directly.   Members who  received patta and who are yet to pay the charges are requested to make  payment to the Association.
(4)    Personal details:  For easy, fast and less expensive  communication to Members,  kindly fill in the enclosed form and bring it to the meeting/forward to the Secretary by post.  This will facilitate the Association to send  communication through  e mail and SMS.  (Association is in the process of creating another e mail group for the Association which will be communicated through your e mail).
(5)    Letters to Ministers in regard to Bridge:  Members are requested to bring the enclosed letters to Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister and Hon’ble Minister for Labour duly signed by filling in the address.  Members who are unable to attend the meeting are requested to post the letters directly to the Ministers.
(6)    Transportation arrangements:  Vehicles with our Association banner will be available near Kundrathur Bus Terminus from 2.00 p.m. onwards.  Members may make use of this facility.
As your valuable input will be of immense use, kindly make it convenient to be present without fail.
Yours faithfully,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Emergency Meeting of the Members to be held on 30th Jan. 2011 at 3.00 p.m. in our Layout

An emergency meeting of all the members of the Association is going to be held on Sunday, the 30th January, 2011, at 3.00 p.m. in our Layout.

All are requested to attend the meeting and give your views and suggestions for development.

With best wishes,

Blog team

Thursday, January 13, 2011