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A Open letter from the President to the Members

When the Association is making sincere attempts to solve the various issues faced in the development of the layout, it is given to understand that some people have been castigating aspersions about the activities of the association without actually knowing the truth.  In order to clear the air and explain the issues faced and activities undertaken by the Association, the President of the Association sent a mail to their yahoo group.  The contents of the same is re-produced here for favour of every one's information.

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Message of the President:

Dear Members,

It is with great pain that I am writing to all concerned.  In fact, I have spoken to Mr. Karunakaran today evening when I spoke up my mind and made everything clear to him.  I am happy that finally he agreed to build a house in the Nagar immediately when he heard me that three constructions are being commenced in the Nagar very shortly.

I would like to highlight the following points for the attention of the members who have joined pkvmnagar yahoo group.  I am highlighting these points not because I am a person appointed by you or an unpaid slave of you all.  But, I wish you to understand the pains we, the Office Bearers, are taking in meeting periodically at our expense, making visits to the Nagar to do planning and to safeguard the interests of the Members with a MOTTO of service.

1. When Mr. C.V. Panneerselvam founded the Association, it was with a noble cause of developing the Nagar and helping the Members.  We met on a heavy rainy day in Murugan Temple, Kundrathur and leadership was thrusted on me and other Office Bearers.  Inspite of my and others personal as well as official commitments, we accepted it with a challenge.

2. When we went into analyse the approval of lay out, we noticed that Phase II plots were not approved by Panchayat and, according to the correspondence from Panchayat to the Society, the Panchayat demanded the Society to lay tar road in the Nagar as a pre-condition to plan approval.  In 1997, the estimate for Phase II road laying was estimated as Rs.3.5 crores.  Society communicated their disability to lay roads as the plots were sold for a throw away price of Rs.104 per sft.  But, by using official as well as political influence and, of course by meeting certain expense, we could obtain approval of Panchayat.  Where were you all at that point of time?  Did any of you apply for leave and ran around to any one like Director of Town Panchayat, Commissionerate of Housing, Hon'ble Labour Minister and Panchayat?  I had spent at least 6 days of leave from my Office for this purpose.  I engaged my own car and spent my own money for fuel and I did not spend anything from the Association. 

3. Once this problem was solved, the next problem which arose was blocking of approach road by a few persons.  We had to consult legal experts, Society and Promoter at our own expense.  If any of you remember, we could not enter into our Nagar and we held meeting of our Members in the entrance of the public road.  In fact, I got the mandate of the Members to do road roko or dharna in strategic places.  But, we deliberated on this quite a lot and solved the problem without creating any legal issues.  Where were you all at that point of time.  Having with one plot of ownership, can I not be one among you as a silent spectator.  Why did I and my team take special interest to solve this problem?  Was it for money or for service?  We did not spend even a pie for this.  However, for getting 5.5 cents of land for road, the promoter had to offer 11 cents in exchange and the Association had to meet with the registration expense.  Did we do it in the interest of the Members or for the current Office Bearers?

4. The entire Nagar was with full of bushes and no one was in a position to get into their plots, leave alone identification of their own plots.  Yes, we engaged JCB and manual labour to clear.  Still, where were you all when the JCB, labourers and Office Bearers were held for a ransom by local people (as a group) as they felt that certain lands were plotted and sold without their consent and knowledge.  With tact and using official power, political power and through Panchayat, we solved all those issues.  Where were you all at that point of time?

5. We numbered the plots without any charge.  It faded.  Again we numbered.  It has again faded.  However, in order to make easy locatability of the plots, we made big signage (of course, there were minor correctible mistakes in the signage).  Did any of you spend even a fraction of a second for this purpose and where were you all?  You can all easily criticise.  But, doing is difficult.  Are the Office Bearers of the Association doing these activities as your paid servants or slaves or with service motive?  Questioning is easy.  Find out ways to permanently solve the numbering problem.  That will show your involvement.  Of course, we found some suggestions of laying concrete boundary stone blocks and painting which will cost money.  Association cannot spent from it.  But, if you, the allegation specialist group, feel that Association is interested only in money, I am telling you that Association is not for making profit out of it.  It is only the negotiated cost.  However, I would like to highlight that Association can be for the development of the Nagar.  But, laying of boundary stones is not the functioning of the Association.  It should be individual Member's responsibility according to their wish.  I am reiterating here that if Members are trying to make allegations on this, the Association will certainly not take up the work.  It will be left to the individual Members to take care of this.

6. Is getting patta for Members the responsibility of the Association?  As the allegation group will be aware, getting patta from Revenue Department costs fortune and herculian task.  We obtained around 150 patta to Members whereas those who applied through the Society have not received their patta so far.  You may not know the amount of personal visits of me,Secretary and other Office Bearers to Sriperumbudur for this purpose and the follow up calls we have made.  Is it for the benefit of the Office Bearers?  No.  It is done with a service motive for the benefit of Members though it is not the duty of the Office Bearers.

7. Some one has written in the yahoo group about oil pipe line and whether it was with the approval of the Association.  Childish comment!!!  Association cannot approve such Government work and pipe laying work was done much before the Association's came into being.  In fact, majority of the pipe lines go through the roads.  How many of you took it up in the meeting of the Association or with Government?  Pointing fingers and advising certain group to meet IOC and all will be easy to say.  But, any action should be taken with better planning in order to make it successful.  In fact, this pipe line may not come for implementation as in some of the areas, pipe lines have been removed.  If at all the Members suggest to the Association to take it up, it can be a suggestion or a request.  It cannot be an order or allegatiion.

8. Yes, we had a bridge which was removed over week end by certain vested interest.  Of course, the bridge could have been built by private parties (not the Society or our Promoter).  But, to get it re-built, it is not that we have not approched Authorities and Ministers.  Dont think that it is cheaper.  According to the estimate, it will cost Rs.4.5 crores and where do we go for money if at all Public Works Department permits us to do.  What have you done towards this - did you approach any one or even offer your help.  Did I not write in my earlier letter seeking your help?  In fact, we have moved Authorities, State Ministers and Members of Parliament.  No one is willing to spend for the bridge unless there is some sign of some houses.  Still, we have not left this approach and we have planned for certain strategies and all the Members will be receiving letters from the Association shortly.  It is easy to say that the land will increase by  four times if bridge is built and Association is not doing anything towards this.  What is your suggestion or contribution?  Just, think of this.  Will Government  be interested in our lands appreciation to benefit Members who do not have any interest?.  They will certainly be interested in welfare of the people if there are houses warranting approach to the service road as they can also bang on vote bank.

9. Yes, roads are not good.  But, lorries can go in to supply building materials.  Do you know how much will be the estimate for road.  Surely, for both the phases, it is not going to be less than Rs.10 crores.  Offering Rs.5000 is easy as it cannot lay 10 square feet of road.  I am challenging you the allegation group.  I am prepared to pay Rs.50000 for road laying purpose and Rs.50000 for bridge construction purpose.  Tell me, how many of you will be willing to spend?  You will all come forward to make allegation that Association is always wanting money.  It is not that we have not taken up with Local Panchayat directly and also through Ministers.  Had you attended meetings of the Association, you would have noticed in my speech that if houses are built, it will be easy for us to pressurise local body for tar roads and also bridge. It is not without experience I am saying this.  Once house construction commences, developmental work will automatically start.  Association has already made arrangments to level the roads affected by rain and drainage lorry movement.

10. Some one has written about electric lights.  According to TNEBs estimate, electrification of our entire Nagar will cost Rs.25 crores.  Do you think that they are going to electrify baron lands without any house and what will be their income.  Again, as you the alleged group recall, I mentioned in my speech that once at least one house approval is done and application is submitted, it will be the bounten duty of the Government to give electric supply up to the house plot and the Association can spend money for street lights.  Without even understanding or realising what the Association has announced, it is ridiculous that you, the allegation group, are criticising inaction on the part of the Association.  In fact, one plot owner has obtained plan approval for house construction and applied for EB line and two more are in the pipe line.  The Association has made all arrangements to get the line and, in fact, the Association's Office Bearers have decided that the Association will  bear the preliminary expense.  Without even basic knowledge of the procedure, just for the sake of making allegatiions, do not utter allegations.

11. Some one has spoken about security.  What security will be placed for barron lands?  Again, recall to our earlier circulars where we mentioned that security arrangements will be made once house construction work commences.  Have we not made your lands safe uptil now, free from bushes, freed from illegal liquor sales or illegal encroachments?  How many of you are aware that around 30 acres adjoining our Nagar was encroached and we got them removed using the support of Police?  But, remember that security can be with limited number and cannot be one security for each plot.

12. Some one has mentioned about construction of group houses.  Who stops any one from doing it.  We have been crying for Members to come up with house constructions.  If any one thinks that he will construct house only if tar roads are laid, electrified, bridge is built, security arrangement is made, drinking water supply is made, garbage collection is made, and so on, as some one has mentioned in the yahoo group, even in 100 years, nothing of any development will take place in the Nagar.  Even if God comes down and presides over the Association, I am telling you,  he will not be able to do.  Just offering Rs.5000 will not be enough for a few loads of gravel.

13. Some one has commented that Association is always asking for money and what is the need for a land for the Association and building.  I would brand you as a person without vision.  I foresee the Nagar with 1000 houses, if not now, at least in 15 years when there should be an Office to take care of the needs, desires and welfare of the people.  Even at this stage, if we need to plant avanue trees, where will you dig well or bore well or keep garden materials.  Consult some wise men who will justify the need for Association's Office.  With around Rs.20 Lakhs, the Association may now be able to buy two grounds of lands for the Association.  But, as I foresee, if house starts coming and the adjoining areas getting developed and our getting approach roads to nearby Nagar or bridge at least in the next couple of years, the land value is not likely to be less than Rs.40 Lakhs per ground.  At that point of time, where will the Association go for money?  That is why, with due deliberation, the Association, with due approval of Members in Annual General Body Meeting, circulated letters to Members seeking payment.  You, the handful of allegation group, without any wishful thinking are trying to allege against the Association.  Come and see the Royala Nagar Office Association building in Ramapuram.  Then, you will realise the importance of Association's Office. 

14.  Some of you have written that you need to elect alternate leaders and the existing Office Bearers should hand over all original vouchers and account in the presense of all the Members.  Do you think that we are longing for power or for money.  I do not know your motive.  But, believe me, our accounts can be inspected by any one with prior appointment with Secretary.  Discretion to elect leaders for the Association is of Members subject to the procedure laid down under bye laws.  I will certainly put forward this suggestion in the circular for the next Annual General Meeting of Members and, if need be, I am prepared to hold an Extra Ordinary General Meeting earlier to that.  I wish that some honest people with at least matching level of interest and enthusiasm as of the present Office Bearers come forward to run the show.  But, I am making one thing clear.  I will not allow any one to take charge of funds with the motive to swallow it.  I am determined that before leadership change, I will ensure that, with the available fund, a suitable land for Association's Office is bought.  If any of you, the allegation group, is willing to take it as a challenge, I am more interested in facing it.

15. I wish, you, all those in the the allegation group, attend the next meeting of all the Members and identify yourselves.  I will openly put forth all the points to all the Members for their information and reactiion.

To conclude, I wish to say that the Office Bearers are working with the sole aim of developing the Nagar.  But, if you, the Members  interested in making allegations none of which can be substantiated, this brings down the morale of us.  It is not that we are working for power or money.  Our aim is only service and development of the Nagar. 

I have a strong conviction that all those who have done these allegations have done it without having sufficient knowledge of what has been happening and now will have a guilty feeling of having done so.  What could have been done by you all should have been that any or all of you could have taken up your telephone or mobile and spoken to me and I could have been happy to clarify.

Probably, one more thing all of you could have forgotton.  As the person leading the Association, I have already been a blessed person with high level and respectable position and with financial strength and I need not crave for earning money from the Association or from you all for my or my family's livelihood. 

I have, in detail, ventilated my feelings and I hope that we will move forward with positive note.

Instead of creating rival yahoo groups, please be in touch with the Association by letter, phone or e mail group (which will be communicated shortly) and cooperate for development.


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